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Recent Publications

1. Guan, J.X., Prlj, A., Wei, R., Peng, J., Lin, K.H., Liu, J.T., Han, H., Yu, Z.H., Corminboeuf, C., Zhao D., and Zheng, J. R. (2020) Direct observation of aggregation-induced emission mechanism, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 132, 15013-15019. Link

2. Lei, Y.X., Dai, W.B., Guan, J.X., Guo, S., Ren, F., Zhou, Y.D., Shi, J.B., Tong, B., Cai, Z.X., Zheng, J. R. , Dong, Y.P. (2020) Wild-Range Color-Tunable Organic Phosphorescence Materials for Printable and Writable Security Inks, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Link

3. Cao, J., Shen, X.Y., Yu, Z.H., and Zheng, J. R. (2020) Engineering the crystalline silicon surface by femtosecond laser processing in liquid: hierarchical micro/nanostructure and amorphization, Mater. Chem. Phys., 248, 122909. Link

4. Liu, J.T., Ye, W.J., Wang, S.J., Zheng, J. R. , Tang, W.P., Li, X.X. (2020) Synthesis of Lactams via Ir-Catalyzed C−H Amidation Involving Ir- Nitrene Intermediates, J. Org. Chem., 85, 4430-4440. Link

5. Wang, L., and Zheng, J. (2020) Recent advances in cathode materials of rechargeable aqueous zinc-ion batteries. Materials Today Advances, 7, 100078. Link


1. Deng, G.H., Shen, Y.N., Chen, H.L., Chen, Y.J., Jiang, B., Wu, G.R., Yang, X.M., Yuan, K.J., and Zheng, J. R. (2019) Ordered to Disordered Transformation of Enhanced Water Structure on Hydrophobic Surfaces in Concentrated Alcohol-Water Solutions, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 10, 7922-7928. Link

2. Wang, L.L., Huang, K.W., Chen, J.T., and Zheng, J. R. (2019) Ultralong cycle stability of aqueous zinc-ion batteries with zinc vanadium oxide cathodes, Science Advances, Vol. 5, no. 10, eaax4279. Link

3. Xu, L.H., Li, G.B., Guan, J.X., Wang, L.L., Chen, J.T., Zheng, J. R. (2019) Garnet-doped composite polymer electrolyte with high ionic conductivity for dendrite-free lithium batteries, J. Ener. Stor., Vol. 24, 100767. Link

4. Li, J.B., Zhang, Y.F., Zheng, J. R. (2019) Intermolecular energy flows between surface molecules on metal nanoparticles, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., Vol. 21, 4240-4245. Link

5. Deng, L., Zhang, J., Chen, J., Yu, Z.H., Zheng, J. R. (2019) Non-sedated functional imaging based on deep synchronization of PROPELLER MRI and NIRS, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Vol.175, 1-7. Link


1. Wen, X. W.; Chen, H. L.; W., T.M.; Yu, Z.H.; Yang, Q.R.; Deng, J.W.; Liu, Z.T.; Guo, X.; Guan, J.X.; Zhang, X.; Gong, Y. J.; Yuan, J. T.; Zhang, Z.H.; Yi, C.Y.; Guo, X.F.; Ajayan, P. M.; Zhuang, W.; Liu, Z.R.; Lou, J.; Zheng, J. R., (2018) Ultrafast probes of electron-hole transitions between two atomic layers. Nat. Commun. 9,1859.​ Link​

2. Zhang, Y.F.; Chen, X.; Zheng, B.; Guo, X.M.; Pan, Y.P.; Chen, H. L.; Li, H.F.; Min, S.X.;Guan, C.; Huang, K.W.; Zheng, J. R. (2018) Structural Analysis of Transient Reaction Intermediate in Formic Acid Dehydrogenation Catalysis Using Two-Dimensional IR Spectroscopy. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 115, 12395–12400. Link

3. Wang, L.L., Cao, X.; Xu, L.H.; Chen, J. T.; Zheng, J. R. , (2018) Transformed Akhtenskite MnO2 from Mn3O4 as Cathode for Rechargeable Aqueous Zinc-Ion Battery. ACS Sus. Chem. Eng., 6, 16055−16063. Link

4. Li, H.F., Gonçalves, T.P..; Hu, J.S.; Zhao, Q.Y.; Gong, D.R.; Lai, Z.P.; Zheng, J. R. , Huang, K.W., (2018) A Pseudo-Dearomatized PN3P*Ni-H Complex as a Ligand and σ-Nucleophilic Catalyst. J. Org. Chem., 83, 14969-14977. Link

5. Li, H.F., Gonçalves, T.P..; Zhao, Q.Y.; Gong, D.R.; Lai, Z.P.; Wang, Z.X.; Zheng, J. R. , Huang, K.W., (2018) Diverse catalytic reactivity of a dearomatized PN3P*–nickel hydride pincer complex towards CO2 reduction. Chem. Comm., 54, 11395. Link

6. Cao, X.; Wang, L.L., Chen, J. T.; Zheng, J. R. , (2018) Low-Cost Aqueous Magnesium-Ion Battery Capacitor withCommercial Mn3O4 and Activated Carbon. ChemElectroChem. 5, 2789. Link

7. Li, G. B.; Chen, X.; Miao, L. X.; Chen, J. T.; Zheng, J. R. , (2018) A Hybridized Solid-Gel Nonflammable Li-Battery. J. Power Source, 394, 26. Link

8. H Chen, X Chen, J Deng, & Zheng, J. R. Isotropic ordering of ions in ionic liquids on the sub-nanometer scale, Chem. Sci., 9(2018): 1464. Link

9. X Cao, L Wang, J Chen, &  Zheng, J. R. A low-cost Mg2+/Na+ hybrid aqueous battery. J. Mater. Chem. A., 6(2018): 15762. Link

10. G Li, X Chen, L Miao, J Chen, & Zheng, J. R. A hybridized solid-gel nonflammable Li-Battery. J. Power Sources. 394 (2018): 26. Link

11. X Cao, L Wang, J Chen, & Zheng, J. R. Low-Cost Aqueous Magnesium-Ion Battery Capacitor with Commercial Mn3O4 and Activated Carbon. ChemElectroChem. 5(2018): 1. Link


1. Q Zhang, H Chen, T Wu, T Jin, Z Pan, & J Zheng. Y Gao, W Zhuang, The opposite effects of sodium and potassium cations on water dynamics. Chem. Sci., 8(2017): 1429. Link

2. C Guan, D Zhang, Y Pan, M Iguchi, etc. & J Zheng. Y Himeda, H Kawanami, K Huang. Dehydrogenation of Formic Acid Catalyzed by a Ruthenium Complex with an N,N'-Diimine Ligand. Inorg. Chem., 56.1 (2017): 438. Link

3. H Chen, H Bian, & J Zheng. 1. Determining 3D Molecular Conformations with Ultrafast Multiple-Dimensional Vibrational Spectroscopy. Acta Phys.-Chim. Sin. 33.1 (2017): 40. Link

4. D Zhou, Q Wei, H Bian,& J Zheng. 1. Direct Vibrational Energy Transfer in Monomeric Water Probed with Ultrafast Two Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy, Chin. J. Chem. Phys., 30(2017): 619. Link



1. Y. Pan, C. Pan, Y. Zhang, H. Li, S. Min, X. Guo, B. Zheng, etc. & J Zheng. K. Huang. Selective Hydrogen Generation from Formic Acid with Well-Defined Complexes of Ruthenium and Phosphorus–Nitrogen PN3-Pincer Ligand. Chemistry–An Asian Journal (2016). Link

2. N. Vegt, K. Haldrup, S. Roke, J Zheng, M. Lund, and H. Bakker. Water-Mediated Ion Pairing: Occurrence and Relevance.  Chemical Reviews. (2016). Link or PDF

3. J Li, H Qian, H Chen, Z Zhao, K Yuan, G Chen, A Miranda, etc. & J Zheng. Two distinctive energy migration pathways of monolayer molecules on metal nanoparticle surfaces.  Nature Commununications. 7(2016):10749. Link or PDF

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6. Y Shen, G Deng, C Ge, Y Tian, G Wu, X Yang, etc. & J Zheng. K Yuan, Solvation structure around the Li+ ion in succinonitrile-lithium salt plastic crystalline electrolytes. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18.22(2016): 14867. Link

7. B Jiang, V Ponnuchamy, Y Shen, X Yang, K Yuan, V Vetere, S Mossa, I Skarmoutsos, Y Zhang, etc. & J Zheng. The Anion Effect on Li+ Ion Coordination Structure in Ethylene Carbonate Solutions. J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7.18(2016): 3554. Link

8. J Li, K Yuan, H Chen, A Miranda, Y Shen, etc. & J Zheng. Nonresonant Vibrational Energy Transfer on Metal Nanoparticle/Liquid Interface. J. Phys. Chem. C., 120.44(2016): 25173. Link

9. H Chen, X Wen, J Zhang, T Wu, Y Gong, X Zhang, J Yuan, C Yi, J Lou, etc. & J Zheng.Ultrafast formation of interlayer hot excitons in atomically thin MoS2/WS2 heterostructures. Nat. Commun., 7(2016): 12512. Link



1. Y Shen, T Wu, B Jiang, G Deng, J Li, H Chen, etc. & J Zheng. Comparison Studies on Sub-Nanometer-Sized Ion Clusters in Aqueous Solutions: Vibrational Energy Transfers, MD Simulations, and Neutron Scattering. J. Phys. Chem. B. 119. 30(2015):9893-9904. Link

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