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Jianbin Huang (b.1966)

Deputy Director of Chinese Colloid and Interface Academic Committee; Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry; Associate Editor of RSC Applied Interfaces, Soft Matter; Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of Langmuir; Editor-in-Chief of China Surfactant Detergent Cosmetics.

Professor 2001-present; Associated Professor 1995-2001;Post-Doctor 1993-1995, Institute of Physical Chemistry; PH.D 1993, Peking University; B.Sc. 1987, Peking university. The research directions are surfactant solution and its interfacial properties. There have been more than 250 published and accepted papers in core journals at home and abroad(total cites: 7223; non-self cites:6296; H factor: 49). In 1998, 2011 and 2017, the Individual Research Award of Peking University. In 2001 and 2005, Chinese Outstanding Postdoctoral Award. In 2003, Peking University Teaching Excellence Award. In 2004, supported by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholar (20425310). Undertaken major programs, key programs, and general programs of National Science Foundation for many times. In 2005, the first prize of the Excellent teaching team of Peking University. In 2017, the Yang Fuqing-Wang Yangyuan Academician Teacher Award of Peking University. In 2018, the second China Soft Matter Research Outstanding Contribution Award of the Chinese Chemical Society. Since 2019, serve as head coach of Peking University women's volleyball team, and the team has been champions of Beijing University League for 12 times.

Research Interest

  I am interested in the research of the physical chemistry of surfactants, especially in mixed surfactant systems.

  The main works in my group is the research on the molecular organized assemblies in aqueous solutions, such as vesicle or micelle. We are very interested in the vesicle formation in mixed cationic and anionic surfactant systems (including the mixed systems of ionic surfactant with opposite charged polymer) and try to find:
a) the relations among the molecular structures of amphiphiles, properties of molecular organized assemblies and phase behavior of mixed surfactants;
b) the effective methods to adjust the phase behavior and micro-structure transition (i.e.transformation between vesicle to micelle) by the variation of environmental factors (for example, pH, salt and additives) .

  Some novel surfactants (such as some bola and Gemini amphiphiles ) and the mixture of classical surfactant with them also fixed our eyes. The researches on the synthesis, aggregation behavior and interface properties in these kinds of surfactant systems are investigated in aqueous, non-aqueous and mixed solvents.

  Moreover, the applications of surfactant, especially mixed surfactant in detergent and daily use are also developed. As the first author or correspondence, over forty articles were published or accepted in international and Chinese academic journals by myself in last five years.


Selected Publications

    1. Tongyue Wu, Jiachen Guo, Jainbin Haung, Yun Yan*, "Robust single molecular white fluorescence facilitated by blocking aggregate growth in Densely-Woven solid polymeric network", Chemical Engineering Journal, 2023, 457140974.

    2. Shuitao Gao, Jinwan Qi, Peng Qi, Ruosen Xu, Tongyue Wu, Bin Zhang*, Jianbin Huang, Yun Yan*, "Unprecedented Nonflammable Organic Adhesives Leading to Fireproof Wood Products", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2023, 15, 8609-8616.


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    3. Jinwan Qi, Tongyue Wu, Wenkai Wang, Hongjun Jin, Shuitao Gao, Shasha Jiang, Jianbin Huang,  Yun Yan*, "Solid-phase molecular self-assembly facilitated supramolecular films with alternative hydrophobic/hydrophilic domains for skin moisture detection", Aggeregate2022, e173. (inside cover)

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