Xinyuan Fan

PhD, Research Associate Professor

Email:;  Tel: 010-62754127;  Office: C610 


2019 – present, Research Associate Professor, Peking University 

2017 – 2019, Associate professor, Nanjing Tech University 

2014 – 2017, Postdoctoral fellow, Peking University 

2013 – University of Pennsylvania, Visiting scholar, Organic chemistry.

2010 – 2014, ICIQ - Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (Spain), Ph.D, Organic chemistry  

2003 – 2010, Lanzhou University, BS & MS, Biotechnology and Biochemistry


Chemical biology, Bioorthogonal photocatalysis 
Bioorthogonal chemistry, Photocatalytic chemistry


National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars of China 

NG Teng Fong/ Sino Scholarship for Outstanding Youth

Li Ge-Zhao Ning Youth Fund for Life Sciences



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