We reported the first arginine selective crosslinker and published on Nature Communications

Chemical cross-linking of proteins coupled with mass spectrometry analysis (CXMS) is widely used to study protein-protein interactions (PPI), protein structures, and even protein
dynamics. However, structural information provided by CXMS is still limited, partly because most CXMS experiments use lysine-lysine (K-K) cross-linkers. Although superb in selectivity
and reactivity, they are ineffective for lysine deficient regions. Herein, we develop aromatic glyoxal cross-linkers (ArGOs) for arginine-arginine (R-R) cross-linking and the lysine-arginine (K-R) cross-linker KArGO. The R-R or K-R cross-links generated by ArGO or KArGO fit well with protein crystal structures and provide information not attainable by K-K cross-links. KArGO, in particular, is highly valuable for CXMS, with robust performance on a variety of samples including a kinase and two multi-protein complexes. In the case of the CNGP complex, KArGO cross-links covered as much of the PPI interface as R-R and K-K cross-links combined and improved the accuracy of Rosetta docking substantially.