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     Key Laboratory of bioorganic chemistry and molecular engineering was established as a specialized laboratories in 1993 December approving by the former State Education Commission. It is opened in 1996, and mainly engaged in organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, basic research and applied molecular engineering. Our Laboratory currently has 23 members, including 12 professors (including 5 Yangtze River scholar, outstanding youth fund 7 people, the cross-century talents fund 2 people), 7 associate professors, 2 lecturers, and experimental technical staff 1 people. Professor Jianbo Wang was appointed as the director of the laboratory; Academician Lihe Zhang was the director of Academic Committee; Jiahua Chen was served as the academic secretary.


Research summary:

     Our research are focused on the bioorganic chemistry and basic molecular engineering with basic applicated research. We are aiming to combine the organic chemistry with molecular design and biological technology, studying and exploring chemical problems associated with life processes, and thus developing bioorganic and molecular engineering research. Currently, the main academic orientation focused on the following aspects: 

(1) Bioorganic Chemistry - Synthesis and functional research of biologically active natural molecules and class of natural molecules with the recognition of small organic molecules. 

(2) Bioanalytical chemistry - The study of biological macromolecules and drug interactions and drug model molecules to molecular recognition as the basis for the identification and analysis of biological immunity.

(3) molecular engineering - Organic synthesis methodology as the core research, focusing on the synthesis of organometallics-oriented and stereoselective synthesis.

(4) Total synthesis of the biological activity of complex natural products; design and synthesis of functional organic molecules.


The main equipment:

      The large equipments in our lab are mainly 300 megabytes, 400 megabytes superconducting NMR, HPLC chiral column system, polarimeter, gas chromatography - mass spectrometry and HPLC system used in conjunction system. The most important management features in the lab is that these instruments are operated by the students themselves, and the instruments are opened all 24 hours. Instruments administrator is responsible for routine maintenance training assessment and management. Graduate students direct manipulate these analytical instruments. This can not only greatly improve the efficiency of research, but also improve the level of training of graduate students. 


      In recent years, young academic leaders in our lab has carried out a series of studies with international standards. For example, carbon - carbon bond skeleton and carbon - heteroatom bond selective cleavage and restructuring reactions, metal carbene-based organic synthetic methodology, the combination of theoretical calculations and organic synthesis, inert C-H bond activation, fullerene chemistry, total synthesis of natural product, and biological analysis, made ​​a series of high-level research.

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