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Research Summary

     Our research are focused on the bioorganic chemistry and basic molecular engineering with basic applicated research. We are aiming to combine the organic chemistry with molecular design and biological technology, studying and exploring chemical problems associated with life processes, and thus developing bioorganic and molecular engineering research. Currently, the main academic orientation focused on the following aspects: 


      (1) Bioorganic Chemistry. 

      Based on enzyme-catalyzed organic reactions research; synthesis and functional research of biologically active natural molecules and class of natural molecules with the recognition of small organic molecules. 


      (2) Bio-analytical Chemistry.

      The study of biological macromolecules and drug interactions and drug model molecules to molecular recognition as the basis for the identification and analysis of biological immunity.


      (3) Molecular Engineering. 

     Organic synthetic methodology, especially organometallic-oriented synthesis and asymmetric catalytic reactions; natural product isolation and purification; The research of identification and screening integration. 


     (4) Chemical Bioinformatics and Chemical and Biological information system. 

     The research involves chemical problems associated with life processes, according to the use of biological information, especially human genome data and other relevant biological information about the life course research issues, such as biological activity, biological metabolism and other relevant resources.

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