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Our lab was established by Prof. Huang, who retired in 2018.

Prof. Chunhui Huang (黄春辉)


Prof. Chunhui Huang, inorganic chemist, whose family originated from Jiangxi  Province, was born in Hebei Province, 1933. She graduated from School of Chemistry, Peking University in 1955 and stayed there as a teacher afterward. She is now, professor of both School of Chemistry in Peking University and Laboratory of Advanced Materials in Fudan University, and Academician of Chinese Academy of Science. Prof. Chunhui Huang’s main research fields are rare-earth complex chemistry and molecular-based functional film materials. The prior topic contains extraction & separation of rare-earth elements, and molecular design, synthesis, structure/property study of rare-earth complexes, especially their photo/electro-luminescent properties. In the area of molecular-based materials, her introduction of the molecular design principles of second-order non-linear optical materials into photo/electric-conversion material’s design, and discovery of correlations of structure-activity relationships between the two system was a phenomenal break through, which induced a new series of photo/electric-conversion materials.


Prof. Chunhui Huang has issued Coordination Chemistry of Rare Earth (1997), Ultrathin Films for Optics and Electronics (2001) and Introduction to Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices (2005), and joined the composition of Series of Inorganic Chemistry Volume Seven: Scandium and Rare-earth ElementsRare-earth Elements, etc.. She has been awarded Second and Third Award of National Natural Science of China once, Second Award of Scientific and Technological Progress of National Ministry of Education twice, The Scientific and Technological Progress Award of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.


Prof. Chunhui Huang has cultivated over 40 Doctors of Science, among which 2 Doctor graduates have won the award of Top 100 National Doctoral Theses, in 1999 and 2003, respectively, and 3 young teachers have won the Chinese Chemical Society Award for Young. Since 2015, Prof. Huang has been recognized of ranking among the top 1% of researchers for most cited documents by THOMSON REUTERS.


Research and Professional Experience


1955                     B. Sc., Peking University

1978-1980            Lecturer, Peking University

1980-1988            Associate Professor, Peking University

1981-1982            Visiting scholar, Ames National Laboratory, USA

1982-1983            Visiting scholar, University of Arizona, USA

1988-2018            Professor, Peking University

2003-2015            Professor, Fudan University


Honors and Awards


1988                     National Natural Science Award (third class)

1989                     Science and Technology Progress Prize (National Education Committee) 

2001                     Academician of the Chinese Academy of Science

2003                     National Natural Science Award (second class)

2005                     Prize of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation for Scientific and Technology progress

2016                     Guohua Outstanding Scholar




top 1% of researchers for most cited documents by THOMSON REUTERS (2015)


Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation for Scientific and Technology progress (2005)


National Natural Science Award (second class) (2003)

Guohua Outstanding Scholar (2016)

Bookes of Prof. Huang