TANG Youqi (唐 有 祺)

Physical Chemistry

Tel (10)62751940, Fax (10)62751725, Email: tangyq@pku.edu.cn

Professor (b. 1920). B.Sc., 1942, Tongji University; Ph.D., 1950, California Institute of Technology; George Ellery Hale Fellow, 1950-1951, California Institute of Techno- logy.

Selected publications

Tang Youqi, Advances in Science of China, CHEMISTRY, 2, 177 (1987). "Crystal- and Surface-Structural Studies at Peking University".

Youchang Xie, and Youqi Tang, Advances in Catalysis 37, 1 (1990)."Spontaneous Monolayer Dispersion of Oxides and Salts onto Surface of Supports".

Qichen Huang, Shenping Liu, and You-qi Tang, J. Mol. Biol. 229, 1022 (1993)."Refined 1.6 A Resolution Crystal Structure of the Complex formed between Porcine -Trypsin and MCTI-A, a Trypsin Inhibitor of the Squash Family, Detailed Comparison with Bovine -Trypsin and its Complex".

Tang Youqi, and Huang Qichen, Progress in Natural Science 4, (5), 527 (1994)."Active Center Geometry and Depurination Mechanism of two Ribosome-inactivating Proteins".

Kaluo Tang, Xianglin Jin, and Youqi Tang, Reviews on Heteroatom Chemistry, 15, 83 (1996). "Insertion of CS2 into M-S Bond and its Application in Synthesis of Clusters".

Tang Youqi, Science (Kexue) (in Chinese), 48 (6), 8 (1996)."An Opinion on the Building-up of Molecular Engineering as a Branch of Science".


Main research fields:

(1) Structure determination of biomolecules and studies of their structure-function relationship;

(2) Structural chemistry of organo-metallic and coordination compounds involving d-block metals;

(3) Molecular design and structure prediction for proteins and synthesis of active peptides;

(4) Molecular engineering of composite functional systems.