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Harnessing the Chemistry of Plant Natural Product Biosynthesis 2019-10-30
2019 PKU-SFBC Symposium 2019-10-21
Chemical discovery in the microbial world 2019-10-17
Engineering Protein Assemblies for Energy and Health 2019-09-26
Plant Chemical Biology: Chemical Tuning for Target Selectivity of Plant Hormone 2019-09-24
Rewiring Cell Surfaces with click chemistry for applications in cell biology and tissue engineering 2019-07-01
Publishing with Cell Press physical science journals 2019-06-10
Cell Press overview introduction 2019-06-10
Interrogation of Protein Ubiquitination in DNA Damage Tolerance 2019-06-14
Bisulfite-free direct detection of 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine at base resolution 2019-06-04
New Pathways to Bioactive Molecules via Synthetic and Chemical biology 2019-05-09
Molecular mechanisms of bacterial transition metal homeostasis 2019-03-29
"The Evolutionary Origins of Multifunctional Bioremediation Enzymes" followed by a short seminar on "The Art of Scientific Writing” 2019-03-07
Targeting Cell Signaling Pathways for Cancer Therapies 2018-11-13
Ion Mobility Spectrometry - Mass Spectrometry Learn more about your molecule 2018-10-11
Engineering Controllable Protein-protein interactions to interrogate and manipulate cell signaling in physiology and diseases 2018-09-26
Metal-Metal and Metal-Ligand Cooperation for Activating Small Molecules: Unprecedented Rate Acceleration for Oxygen Atom Transfer 2018-09-07
Natural Product Biosynthesis: Inspiration for Chemistry, Enzymology, and Drug Discovery 2018-08-31
Reconstruction of glycan environments for glycofunctional analysis 2018-08-23
The power of chemoselectivity: Functional protein conjugates for proteomic and pharmaceutical research 2018-08-17
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