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Yan LI(李彦)








D. Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry) Peking University 1993
M. Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry) Shandong University 1990
B. Sc. (Chemistry) Shandong University 1987

Working Experience

2013-, Chang Jiang professor, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
May 2010, William Mong Nano Seminar Series invited speaker, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
August 2009, visiting professor, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
2009-, joint professor, Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Peking University
2005-, joint professor, Key Laboratory for the Physics and Chemistry of Nanodevice, Peking University
2002-, professor, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
November 1999-May 2001, visiting associate professor, Duke University, USA
1995-2001, lecturer and associate professor, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University
1993-1995, postdoctoral fellow, Department of Chemistry and Department of Technological Physics, Peking University

Awards and Honors

Chang Jiang Professor (Chinese Ministry of Education, 2013)
Famous Teacher of Beijing City (2013)
National Science Foundation of China Fund for distinguished Young Scholars (2011)
P&G Research Award (2009)
Ten Best Teacher in Peking University (2008)
Young Talent for the New Century (Chinese Ministry of Education, 2004)

Academic Service

Associate Editor, ACS Nano 
Advisory Board, Materials Horizon
Advisory Board, Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Advisory Board, ACS Nano
 (finished May 2016)
Editorial Board, Nano Research
Associate Editor, Journal of materials Chemistry A (finished May 2016)
Editorial Board, Chinese Science Bulletin
Steering Committee of Nanotube Conferences (SCNC)

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Executive member, Committee for International Collaboration, Chinese Chemical Society
Vice director, Committee for Female Chemists, Chinese Chemical Society
  Selected Publications (see more in my Research ID)

1. F. Yang, X. Wang, D.Q. Zhang, J. Yang, D. Luo, Z.W. Xu, J.K. Wei, J.-Q. Wang, Z. Xu, F.Peng, X.M. Li, R.M. Li, Y.L. Li, M.H. Li, X.D. Bai, F. Ding, Y. Li*. Chirality-specific growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes on solid alloy catalysts. Nature, 510, 522-524 (2014).[LINK]

2. X. J. Qin, F. Peng, F. Yang, X. H. He, H. X. Huang, D. Luo, J. Yang, S. Wang, H. C. Liu, L. M. Peng, Y. Li*. Growth of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Using Ceria as Catalyst Supports. Nano Lett. 14, 512-517 (2014).[LINK]

3. J. Wang, Y. Li*, “Selective Band Structure Modulation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Ionic Liquids”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131, (2009). [ LINK]

4. H. Chu, J. Wang, L. Ding, D. Yuan, Y. Zhang, J. Liu* and Y. Li*, "Decoration of Gold Nanoparticles on Surface-Grown Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Detection of Every Nanotube by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131, 14310-14316 (2009). [ LINK]

5. L. Ding, A. Tselev, J. Wang, D. Yuan, H. Chu, T. P. McNicholas, Y. Li* and J. Liu* , “Selective Growth of Well-Aligned Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes”, Nano Lett., 9, 800-805 (2009). [LINK]

6. Z. Yang, Z. Cao, H. Sun, Y. Li*, “Composite Films Based on Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays and Poly(N-Isopropyl Acrylamide) Hydrogel”, Adv. Mater., 20, 2201-2205 (2008).[ LINK]

7. Z. Jin, H. Chu, J. Wang, J. Hong, W. Tan, Y. Li*, "Ultra-low Feeding Gas Flow Guiding Growth of Large-scale Horizontally Aligned Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Arrays", Nano Lett., 7, 2073-2079 (2007). [ LINK]

8. W. Zhou, Z. Han, J. Wang, Y. Zhang, Y, Z. Jin, X. Sun, Y. Zhang, C. Yan, Y. Li*, "Copper Catalyzing Growth of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes on Substrates", Nano Lett., 6 (12): 2987-2990 (2006). [ LINK]





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