Our Logo


The logo was designed by all members of Zhang group which was established on January 27, 2021. This logo is composed of two degenerate arcs in the outside and one ellipse held by the inner arc, and possesses six layers of white and red. These elements as a whole symbolize youth, vitality, unity, justice, and roses all the way in the future. The "ZHANG·2021·GROUP" between two arcs and the "PKU" in the inner ellipse show that Wen-Xiong Zhang group at College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University was established in 2021. The two degenerate arcs in the outside represent either the first letter (C) of "Chemistry" or the carbon (C) element of organic compounds. The “RE” moiety in the inner ellipse represents rare-earth metals, and the artistic “R” can also be regarded as "P4" (white phosphorus). These compositions suggest our research mainly focuses on the Chemistry of Carbon˗Rare-Earth Metals (CCREM = Confidence、Cooperation、Renovation、Enthusiasm、Mission) as well as the transformation of P4.
In summary, Zhang group was established in 2021, whose long-term goal is to make CCREM open a new avenue of our own and mushroom up shot. All members should constantly challenge and improve ourselves, and forge ahead!