Welcome to Huang Group!

Welcome to Huang Group at the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University!

Our research focuses on the rare earths and actinides. Combined, they form a unique sub-group on the periodic table, so called f-elements. Our group name CCfE also stands for Coordination Chemistry of f-Elements. By integration of ligand design, inorganic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, spectroscopic characterization, and computational chemistry, we aim to achieve long-sought synthetic targets of metal complexes as well as to understand the fundamentals of bonding interaction.

Our research will incorporate various aspects of inorganic, organic, physical, and computational chemistry and students will be able to engage with the most rigorous synthetic techniques and state-of-art characterization instruments. We are always looking for graduate students or postdocs who are adventurous and love challenges. Talented undergraduate students are also welcomed and highly encouraged to join our group even as freshmen or sophomores.