General Information

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Visa Information and Invitation Letters

     Visitors to China must have a valid passport and, in most cases, an appropriate Chinese visa.  Please check with your local Chinese Embassy or Consulate General for your visa application details at your earliest convenience. 
     In general, a Tourist Visa (L Visa) will suffice for you to attend the Conference.  You do not need to show the letter of invitation from the Conference Organizers provided you apply for Tourist Visa. However, if it is required that a Business Visa (F Visa) is a must, you probably need a letter of invitation and a Visa Notifications Form issued from the Conference organizing institute.
     To require the filled Visa Notification Form for your visa application purpose, you will need to provide the photocopy of your passport and indicate it on your registration online procedure. An official invitation letter will also be issued and sent to those who have marked the box “ I need an official invitation letter to apply visa to China” on their online registration. The issued letters will be sent by email or by fax. Individuals requiring original documents are requested to specify their needs and allow for longer delivery time.
    In case you need a formal letter of invitation or acceptance of your abstract for administrative purpose such as applying for local financial support etc., please send us a request. A generic letter will be prepared for you.

International Transportation

     The organizing committee is not responsible for arranging air-transportation for the registrants between their own countries and Beijing. Registrants must make their own arrangements for the transportation. Beijing Airport is an international airport. There are many airlines directly to main cities of Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Flights to other cities can be connected in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, etc. For appropriate flights information correspond to the country you are from, please contact your nearest travel agency.


        For more infomation on traveling around Beijing, please go to the Tours Information page. 


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