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Haichao Liu

Cheung Kong Professor
Heterogeneous catalysis and energy chemistry

Tel: + 86 (10) 62754031,
Fax: +86 (10) 62751708


B.Sc., Sichuan University


M.Sc., Sichuan University


Ph.D., Research Institute of Petroleum Processing


CREST Researcher, Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST),
The University of Tokyo


Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Associate Professor, Peking University

2007- Professor, Peking University

Research Interests:

Our research interests focus on molecular catalysis and energy chemistry with emphasis on understanding of the fundamental relationships between the structures of catalysts and their performances, the reaction kinetics and mechanisms at atomic or molecular level, and design of new catalysts and control of reaction pathways for selective conversion of biomass and its derivatives, selective conversion of methanol and dimethyl ether, and oxidative functionalization of light alkanes, etc.

Honors and Awards:

Cheung Kong Professorship (2014), The Enze Min Award for Energy Chemical Engineering (2013), Catalysis Prize for Young Scientists of The Catalysis Society of China (2012), National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China (2008).

Selected Publications:

  1. Junfang Nie and Haichao Liu*, “Efficient aerobic oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-diformylfuran on manganese oxide catalysts”, J. Catal., 2014, 316, 57-66.
  2. Shuai Wang, Kehua Yin, Yichi Zhang and Haichao Liu*, “Glycerol Hydrogenolysis to Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol on Zirconia Supported Noble Metal Catalysts”, ACS Catal., 2013, 3, 2112-2121.
  3. Tianyin Deng, and Haichao Liu*, “Promoting effect of SnOx on selective conversion of cellulose to polyols over bimetallic Pt-SnOx/Al2O3 catalysts”, Green Chem., 2013, 15, 116-124.
  4. Yue Liu, Chen Luo and Haichao Liu*, “Tungsten trioxide promoted selective conversion of cellulose into propylene glycol and ethylene glycol on a Ru catalyst”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2012, 51, 3249-3253.
  5. Jiying Sun and Haichao Liu*, “Selective hydrogenolysis of biomass-derived xylitol to ethylene glycol and propylene glycol on supported Ru catalysts”, Green Chem., 2011, 13, 135-142.
  6. Yihong Shen, Shenghong Zhang, Hongjia Li, Yuan Ren and Haichao Liu*, “Efficient synthesis of lactic acid by aerobic oxidation of glycerol on Au-Pt/TiO2 catalysts”, Chem. Eur. J., 2010, 16, 7368-7371.
  7. Shuai Wang, Yichi Zhang, and Haichao Liu*, “Selective hydrogenolysis of glycerol to propylene glycol on Cu-ZnO composite catalysts: structural requirements and reaction mechanism”, Chem. Asian J., 2010, 5, 1100-1111.
  8. Weizhen Li, Hua Huang, Hongjia Li, Wei Zhang and Haichao Liu*, “Facile synthesis of pure monoclinic and tetragonal zirconia nanoparticles and their phase effects on the behavior of supported molybdena catalysts for methanol selective oxidation”, Langmuir, 2008, 24, 8358-8366.
  9. Chen Luo, Shuai Wang and Haichao Liu*, “Cellulose conversion to polyols catalyzed by reversibly-formed acids and supported ruthenium clusters in hot water”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2007, 46, 7636-7639.
  10. Ning Yan, Chen Zhao, Chen Luo, Paul J. Dyson, Haichao Liu*, and Yuan Kou*, "One step conversion of cellobiose to C6-alcohols using a ruthenium nanocluster catalyst", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128, 8714-8715.
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