Ceria: from Exploration to Commercialization

Welcome to the FACC-2016!

Ceria-based oxides are well known catalyst support and oxygen storage materials. They are the key component in the three-way catalytic converter in every gasoline engine in this planet. Together with other catalysts, ceria can significantly reduce the emission of NOx and CO in the exhaust gas.

The new century has witnessed the rapid development of ceria catalysts into several new fields of applications. These include solid oxide fuel cells, thermochemical water splitting, water-gas shift reaction, steaming reforming and Fischer-Tropsch reaction. Consistently, as the satellite symposium of The 16th International Congress on Catalysis, the Fundamentals and Applications of Cerium Dioxide in Catalysis (FACC-2016 Beijing) calls for a gap bridging between academic and industry research. ‘Ceria: from exploration to commercialization’ is the main theme of this symposium. In particular, a special lecture will be dedicated to the mining and separation process of ceria based materials.

This year lectures will include:

  • Synthesis of Ceria based catalyst
  • Mechanism, theory and model catalyst
  • Ceria in heterogeneous catalysis
  • Ceria in electro and bio catalysis
  • Ceria in industry

The meeting will draw on the knowledge and expertise of a group of internationally renowned scientists currently working at the leading edge of chemistry and engineering by ceria based materials. It welcomes young professionals who are willing to work at the frontier of ceria catalysis as well as experts in other fields who are looking for cross-discipline research.

Coordinated by:

Chun-Hua Yan

Feng Ryan Wang