Learning Objectives

Peking University is devoted to advancing sciences and fostering the growth of the next-generation scientists for the betterment of humanity as China's premier university. Towards this, the Organic Chemistry Division recognized the need to establish the 1st regular symposium in China for the field, much like those venerable symposia among US institutions, so as to push the frontiers of organic chemistry and to provide an annually celebrated forum for the students and professors to interact directly with internationally recognized experts in the fields. For the inaugural symposium this year (Dec 19-22), all the PKU-Lilly Lecturers are international opinion leaders in the catalysis of the organic chemistry. The symposium will offer the great opportunity for Chinese organic chemists to interact directly with these leading scientific researchers and educators. The experience will offer the attending students a rare chance to learn directly from these legendary masters.

Organic chemistry is the central science for pharmaceutical research and development. Pharmaceutical industry employs the biggest share of chemists besides academia. This venue will provide an idea; forum for the academic researchers and educators to learn from Lilly about the industry's needs, and for Lilly to know the latest advances in the science of chemistry which is critical to the R&D efforts. As Lilly expands its presence in China for its collaborative R&D effort, this will be an expedient and efficient way to build its brand equity among the next generation of chemists.

In summary, we aim to achieve the following learning objectives

,Advancing the science of synthetic chemistry and green catalysis
,Improving international exchange of ideas for innovation
,Fostering professional growth of students and faculty of Peking University
,Establishing a regular forum of dialogue between Eli Lilly and senior leaders of Peking University
,Strengthening the interactions between international opinion leaders, students and faculty of PKU, and Eli Lilly's R&D leaders.